SEO Audit

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is essentially an assessment of your existing website’s organic search performance. The audit I produce highlights technical barriers preventing your website achieving success within the organic search results. For each issue located, I provide detailed information about what the SEO issue is, why it’s an issue, the options available to fix the issue and an estimate of how long it will it take to resolve. SEO recommendations are also prioritised based on SEO impact and importance. This is particularly useful for clients that have limited web development resource and budget.

SEO Audit Format

The technical audit I produce is prepared as a written document and shared with the web development team and other key stakeholders. As part of the SEO audit service, I often recommend follow up meetings with the web development team or agency, once they have had time to digest the information. This provides an opportunity for Q&A and to begin planning the implementation and management phase of the SEO recommendations.

Project Management

From previous experience, the project management of an SEO audit is equally as important as the SEO audit document itself. After all, the SEO audit provides the issues and available solutions but those solutions still need to be implemented successfully. I have been hired previously to manage another agency’s SEO audit, to ensure all the listed issues are fixed via the client’s web development agency. This requires good technical knowledge and excellent communication and project management skills.

Post Site Migration SEO Audit

If you have relaunched a website and noticed a dip in organic search traffic and performance, a post site migration audit may uncover some fundamental SEO barriers and mistakes.

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