SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Search engines, (in particular Google) are constantly evolving and what tactics work well in the SEO world today, may not perform as well tomorrow. Google can change its algorithm up to twice a day, which equates to as much as 500-600 times a year. Due to the frequency and anonymity of search engine algorithm updates, it’s imperative that your business has the right SEO strategy and framework in place to be able to adapt quickly to change. This is one of the reasons why it’s so crucial to invest in data, and in particular, market and competitor analysis, on a regular basis, not just at the beginning of a campaign.

Business Goals and Objectives

Prior to any SEO strategy commencing, I ensure my clients are completely clear on the key deliverables and drivers that will lead to the business achieving it’s overall objectives. I clearly outline the fundamental components of a successful SEO strategy, tailored to each client’s unique set of circumstances, with realistic timeframes, budgets and required resource allocation.

Some of the Key Components to a Successful SEO Strategy

Site Architecture and Content Management Systems (CMS)

Site Architecture and the User Journey are paramount to a successful SEO strategy. Choosing the right Content Management Systems (CMS) is also essential – getting this wrong can be very costly for a business. I take into consideration a broad range of client requirements and variables in order to consult on and recommend the best solution. Just because a competitor uses a particular CMS, it doesn’t mean your business should follow suit.

Information Architecture (IA) and the Customer Journey

The importance of a logical and optimised Information Architecture (IA) is often overlooked when developing a website. A common mistake that I often see, is using terminology in the industry that the business operates in, instead of using the language and terminology used by the customer. I believe the naming convention and URL structure of a website should be informed by solid metrics from every available source e.g. website analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Pay Per Click data and of course your customer persona information. Your persona information should include user journey information data and should be used to inform onsite usability.

If  you have an existing website or if you are looking to redesign and migrate to a new platform, I can provide invaluable expertise and support via consultancy and project management to ensure your business achieves its objectives.

Internal and External Resource

I always consider the clients existing resource, be it via 3rd party agencies or internally. Key to the success of an SEO strategy is identifying individuals and departments within the business that can contribute to the success of an SEO campaign. From experience, I know how valuable the sharing of knowledge and data can be between departments and channels (online and offline).

Budget Recommendations

I have worked with a broad range of businesses, large and small across multiple sectors. Sometimes, budgets allocated for key SEO components are unrealistic but are also difficult to justify. I help clients understand budget allocation within SEO but more importantly the justification of the budget allocation and how it will be measured and accountable.

Benchmarking and Reporting

With each of my clients, I work towards developing a vision of what SEO success looks like. I apply targets against each key performance indicator and benchmark SEO performance using a variety of industry leading tools and technology. Reporting is completely tailored to each client. A CEO or Managing Director may want to only see the KPIs and metrics that are valuable to them, where as a marketing manager may require greater visibility on the more granular metrics and marketing dimensions.

What you will not receive from me, is the standard reporting (simply displaying metrics). I interpret the data into meaningful, clear information that can be understood and used by all to improve not just SEO but the overall web sight performance.

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